Thursday, August 29, 2013


Monday was a day I had been dreading ALL summer, but it came and we all survived the FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN!!  Colter was a little nervous about going to school, but he did great.  Chad, Coy, and I took him to his class and I made it halfway home before I teared up.  All I could think about was how quiet it was on the car ride home.  When we picked him up he said, "I like school, but I don't want to ever go back!"  He told me it was a long long long day.  I was nervous for the next morning, but he got right up and was excited about his day.  He has already made new friends and of course recess is his favorite time of day.  He told me today that he doesn't even know why they have a library, because they don't let anyone go there, so they might as well just sell it.  This year is definitely going to be an adventure!!!!  

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