Thursday, August 29, 2013


Monday was a day I had been dreading ALL summer, but it came and we all survived the FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN!!  Colter was a little nervous about going to school, but he did great.  Chad, Coy, and I took him to his class and I made it halfway home before I teared up.  All I could think about was how quiet it was on the car ride home.  When we picked him up he said, "I like school, but I don't want to ever go back!"  He told me it was a long long long day.  I was nervous for the next morning, but he got right up and was excited about his day.  He has already made new friends and of course recess is his favorite time of day.  He told me today that he doesn't even know why they have a library, because they don't let anyone go there, so they might as well just sell it.  This year is definitely going to be an adventure!!!!  


Here is our SUMMER in pictures!  The most exciting thing we did was move into our DREAM home!  Goodbye camo house....weep weep!  The moving, minor construction, decorating, and mowing have been keeping us very busy, but we squeezed in some fun too!  
Our new home!  50 acres nestled in the woods.

Our first cut of hay!

Coy and his blankie :)

My two little pirates.  The little one taking the big one to jail...

My boys had their first sleepover!  My sweet sis-in-law brought her boys over for a day/night of fun!  

FUN with shaving cream or should I say....MESS!  

Aunt Laura and Coy

The boys watching a movie before bed

A trip to Misty's house!  Time to save the planet!

Is it Iron Man and Hulk OR Davy Crockett??

The boys enjoying our new home!

My niece Olivia came to stay with us for a week....what fun!!!  We took her to a local drive-thru safari and petting zoo!  One of my boy's favorite things to do.  
Olivia and the CAMEL!

My boy's LOVED the baby animals

Coy kissing a baby camel 

Snuggle time!

Water slide time!

Taking a break from playing to pet the cows

Who says you can't have fun with dog bowls and a hose???

Redneck pool and a pool boy!

Misty and I had some girl time and went to see Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty....our fav High school bands....are we giving away our age or what??

Tooth #6 you are outta here!

His future as a hunter looks good :)

Colter reading to Coy as he pretended to be "John" his babysitter!  

Just hanging out!

Toy wash!

Hello is anyone there???

So serious

DOG POOL turned kid's pool!!!  The boys just decided to hop right in one afternoon.  

Child labor....

Coy finally moved into a big boy bed and he LOVES it!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here & There.....

Here is a smorgasbord of pictures....ENJOY!

Colter's 1st TROPHY!  He was so excited to get this at the end of T-Ball.  

Colter and his buds Emerson and Langston!



Have to make time for frozen YOGURT!  

Some are happy about summer....some are not :)

Tooth number 4 is outta here (since this pic he has lost tooth number 5)

My kids LOVE to cruise with the windows rolled down

Morning cartoons

My knight in shining armor

Mr. Fix It

Toys? Who needs toys when you have a tub...

This was Colter's last game....the boys hanging out in the dugout 

Hey batter batter!


A little trip to the day!

Coy being Sully

Brotherly love!

Happy to see these BOYS!!!!

AND this GIRL!!!!!!

When it's HOT ya bring out the WATER TABLE....

...and the BABY POOL!!!

Who needs pants????